Megaberry Waffle
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Gourmet waffles (savory or sweet), creative sandwiches, and custom coffee drinks for breakfast or AfterBreakfast™. Enjoy our boutique dining experience with affordable prices at our four locations: South Side, Fifth Ave., Downtown Pittsburgh, Beaver, and Wexford. Bring your family, friends, and co-workers for a most unique & delicious meal.

Monthly Features

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Blackberry Spread Your Wings and Fly: An almond waffle layered with ricotta fluff, topped with a blackberry-apricot reduction, and garnished fresh blackberries and black velvet apricot.


Fruit-Copia Crepes: Three waffle batter crepes filled with a blueberry-apricot cheesecake, topped with blueberries, banana, and strawberries, drizzled with honey, and garnished with whipped cream and cinnamon.