This Month's Features: 

Summer (POP!) Rocks:
Let your taste buds explode with pleasure on this blueberry waffle topped with cherry compote, more blueberries, and vanilla ice cream. All drizzled with chocolate sauce and completed with a swoosh of vanilla yogurt and pop rocks served on the side!

Magic Mondays:
Start your week off with our $6 Breakfast Magic special on Mondays! Crisp bacon, shredded cheddar cheese and green onion on the inside topped with more bacon and cheddar cheese create the perfect resting place for a fried egg* just the way you like! garnished with green onion and a swoosh of sour cream, magical!

Funky Fridays:
Celebrate Fridays with $6 Funky Monkeys all day long. The Funky Monkey is full of chocolaty goodness! We begin with a chocolate chip waffle, topped with banana and peanut butter fluff, and chocolate sauce. Get your monkey on!